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Research fellow

Reqirements: Participate in the construction, operation and research method development of ultrafast laser spectroscopy and surface/interface physical chemistry laboratory, and assist in the training of Ph.D. students. A chemistry or physics Ph.D. degree in the field of ultrafast laser spectroscopy is required. Solid trained in the direction of ultrafast laser spectrum. Have rich work experience in building experimental instruments, instrument control and programming. Have good teamwork and communication skills. One have post-doctoral experience is preferred.


Reqirements: Engaged in basic scientific research on spectroscopy and dynamics related to surface/interface and condensed phases. A Ph.D. degree in physical chemistry or chemical physics in related fields is required, or a Ph.D. in physics, optics, materials, environment, life sciences and other related fields may also be considered. His/her basic research skills and interests should fit with the laboratory work and future development.

Ph.D. Program

Welcome outstanding undergraduates and masters to join our laboratory. Please check the school admissions guidance below.